I have this bizarre morbid fascination with comment sections and repeatedly tell friends Comment sections really are the ‘new internet’.

I remember when I could hop the ‘net and relatively quickly and painlessly get info that I was seeking. Or I could just find myself surfing and get lost, entertained or enlightened.

Now it seems hard to find a friggin’ phone number when you need it. Every other piece of info you seek or DIY is actually some redundant crap designed to get you to click and click and click for ad exposure and when you get through it was 7 worthless two or three-sentence paragraphs and 9 clicks. I’m trying to get some information and find that the article or post is nothing more than bloated opinion with sentences twisted around (generally with poor grammar and amazing numbers of spelling errors) to make it appear that you’ve actually read something informative, when you haven’t. You’ve just ended up wasting your time reading somebody’s attempt to generate content, for no other reason than they needed pageviews and click-throughs.

My entertainment/enlightenment levels have gone down (without extra digging) and I’ve been finding myself more entertained (perhaps even informed) by the stupid comment sections accompanying the article. (maybe the “information” I glean won’t even be remotely germane to what I was looking for, but I may come away with something, at least).

Comment sections have always sort of been there, but they’ve really become something in the past few years. Like some kind of microcosm of their own. Countless times I’ve said to myself, “I’m not going to read the comments after the article, but… Nope! I did it again!” They’re quite often like some kind of car wreck, from which you can’t look away (that’s a figure of speech – I’ve never really spent much time looking at car wrecks), but I’ll be damned if I don’t find myself spending more time laughing at some random person’s clever quips or the rows people get into. It used to be you’d mostly find this kind of stuff within particular “communities” of message boards or email lists, where people with similar interests spent their time commenting, bitching, and arguing. Nowadays, I see these “communities” within simple comment sections. Just chance visits will begin to reveal apparent long-running feuds or a particular poster who simply cannot resist “shooting off his mouth” via his fingers and a keyboard.

I just thought I’d make a spot where I could bring together some of the more entertaining random comment and message threads as I come across them. I have no dog in this hunt. I don’t endorse, condone, condemn or take any responsibility for any particular link below. They range from quips of pithy brilliance to long-winded trips into lunacy. They are presented strictly for your entertainment and/or edification. These type of threads quite often take on a life of their own, so one never knows what direction they may have head after I’ve visited them. YMMV.

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