By the time I got to the inking and lettering on I guess the 3rd and 4th installments of the first “preview”, I had changed my approach.  I started considering how I was going to have to go back to the first couple and bring them up to look more like these others.  I went round and round with myself about that and then decided, No.  This whole thing was going to be an “evolution” anyhow.  I’m not drawing a mainstream comic here.  I’m doing a webcomic.  And it’s mine.  I’m trying to keep it organic.  The idea was partly that you’d get to hopefully watch things change.  Watch me grow with the story.  I don’t have to answer to an editor or even be concerned whether one page looks like the same guy drew the next.  I’ve fully intended, from the beginning, to have some fun.

I’d written the whole first story arc, “No Signal”, and continued to come up with little “vignettes” (the preview scene, “Stakeout”, being one of them) and realized there was no rule that said I had to jump right in and stick with the one story, start to finish.  I could bring in these vignettes or interludes, non sequiturs, at any time.

My wife suggested some “fill-in” artists could always be fun.  Maybe I could get friends to give their quick take, or even a “chapter” seen through the eyes of my kids.  I’m not going to tether them with so many rules – why should I burden myself??

I had intended to use bits of color for accents in places and figured eventually, when I felt my stride, I’d start working with more color.  Then I surprised myself.  One day when I was in the groove, I spontaneously started adding color to an installment I was about to publish, just playing around, experimenting.  Next thing I knew, considerable time had passed, it looked “finished” and I liked the result.  First, I figured I’d just move on from there, using color in future installments, but then found myself going back to the beginning and starting over, coloring and replacing already-published installments.

Then I started fiddling with the lettering, and I was back to the first, tweaking and redoing, and re-publishing.  Changing and evolving, on the fly.

In short, the point was sort of to jump off and build my wings on the way down.

Nothing is true; all is permitted.