I’m working on the art for the next preview chapter, “Serviettes” where Q has a minor issue with purveyors of certain paper products.  A little behind where I’d wanted to be, yet, somehow further than I’d imagined.

My mind repeatedly drifts back to what is probably the first scene I’d ever come up with for these guys, the germ of the idea, in a tiny bar in Nebraska, probably c. 1992-93.  To my chagrin, I’ve never been able to find where I first wrote down that scene and subsequent attempts at recreating it never quite successfully captured the original dialogue, the way I’d had it.

I can still see the initial vision, the scene of them playing “Pitch” in a smoky bar, Argyle futilely attempting to explain the game to Quintus, while they wait for a phone call, parts of the conversation, born of real dialogue between my grandfather and me and my thoughts on how difficult it must have been for him to teach me this game.

That actual page is probably lost to the Ages, scrawled somewhere on a single page in some old crap sketchbook, but it was that dialogue that first introduced me to the characters and how they relate to one another.  Q was seemingly more frustratingly dim-witted and Argyle probably more impatient (well… maybe not), but the essence of their relationship was born.

I’ll probably work it in somewhere, someday, and hopefully capture a little of what has, to date, eluded me.

Preview pencils from "Serviettes"