First, to my mom, who has been supportive of my doing what I do, since Day One.  My earliest memories of drawing and creating my own stories are with her.  I still remember us sitting on the living room floor making paper cutouts of my drawings when I was two years old.
She also left me with the sharp pencil with which I very clearly remember horribly stabbing myself through the back of the hand.  Thanks, Mom!

And, to my amazing wife, who has pushed and prodded and refused to let me stray from the path – my partner, my sounding board, my inspiration, my guiding light.

Also, to my grandmothers, who don’t do internet, so they won’t see this, but who seem to have saved every stupid drawing I’ve ever done for them, every card I’ve made, every “sculpture” or little pipe cleaner and masking tape stick figure I built, and without whom, ultimately, I wouldn’t be here, at all!

I love you all.