I’ve been round and round with myself about it, but for better or worse, I have been compelled to hand letter Q&A. It’s a frightening proposition, a daunting task, in addition to all the other hats I’m choosing to wear, made worse by the fact that I hold the art and skill of comicbook lettering in high regard. However, somewhere around when I decided this was going to be a process of growth, discovery, evolution, unamit, something must have clicked, that I wanted the lettering to be part of that process, warts and all.

I had bandied hand lettering about in my grey matter, but the idea started to gain traction after reading HOW TO MAKE WEB COMICS (available at fine booksellers or here) where Dave Kellett made his argument for it. It nagged at me and I was almost sold, when one day I stumbled upon a Brad Guigar blog post on the subject that sent me right over the edge. When I had first read said post it was available in at least a couple different public places, but unfortunately, now I can only find it here, where I am subscribed. Fortunately, however, subscribing to the site is easy, inexpensive, and fun, to boot!

Someday, down the road, I may feel differently about the lettering, (and I’ll most likely have more to say on the subject) but for the time being, it is what it is… On with the show.