Funny thing happened to me on the way to making a Webcomic…

When I was gearing up to work on my own IPs (ultimately figuring to publish them as Webcomics) I started back in with “gods’ country”.  It was the one on which I thought I’d most worked, outlined the farthest, done the most design, etc…

And somewhere along the line, Quintus & Argyle  popped up again.  I don’t know why I drifted back to these guys, but I did, and I did so with some passion.  I also discovered that while I’d had quite a bunch of notes, outlines for about 3 years’ worth, and a couple issues of “gods’ country” written, it seemed that I had even more for Q&A and I just hadn’t realized it, until I sat down to get back to writing it.

I had first conceived and written of them somewhere in the early-to-mid-90s and I had been thinking that all I’d jotted down was a couple scenes, but once I started digging, I realized I actually had a whole story in pieces.

All I needed to do was get those rough notes in one place (some of these were scribbles, some were bits typed in emails to myself, some text messages to myself, and some audio notes) and then it was just a matter of sorting them into a semblance of a proper order for the story and et voila!  An outline was born.

Oddly enough, Q&A was originally just (at best) envisioned to be backup stories in GC.  And that was only if I decided to do it as a traditional printed comic.  I’d started Q&A as a short screenplay, then wrote parts of it as prose, only for it to become a Webcomic.

Really, you’re just reading the “backup” first.