So, as I said, I took some time, not just writing, but absorbing what all I might be in for.  Somewhere in there, I wrote a sort of “preview” scene and started breaking it down and working it into what I decided (at least to start) would be my format.  Basically, installments would be a half a full-sized comic page.  I tend to work well within some kind of structure, so I thought this restriction might be pretty cool.  Before I had finished the preview, I was already re-thinking the idea.

Back to “evolution”.  As I was working out the beginnings of my “process”, such as it is, I wasn’t just jumping whole hog into the art.  I was spending time sketching it and contemplating it and going back and forth with myself about my approach, etc…  One day, crippling myself, the next day, liberating.

Then would come anxiety over my ballooning for lettering and the decision to do it all by hand (I’m still wondering what led me to that little bit of masochism) or where I placed this or that.  Exacerbating all of this, I took on more of a “domestic” role, where I had to deal more with the kids and such, and learning to get in a new groove… and a new balancing act.