Undertaking this whole webcomic thing has been fairly daunting.

Doing one’s own stuff is pretty cool, of course, but webcomics isn’t just writing, drawing, and posting your work…  It’s a whole business model.

I originally spent some time just boning up on what all I had to do.  Thoroughly overwhelmed after awhile, I seemingly ground almost to a halt, weighted by great bags of input, soaking in a giant vat of new information; however, my brain was working like a sieve, separating the lumps, straining through material.

Bruce Lee said, “Absorb what is useful.  Discard what is not.  Add what is uniquely your own.

Breaking things down into manageable ideas, I finally started picking away at things that needed to get done, starting with things that made sense, like registering a domain, learning a bit about and signing up with some ad networks, installing and learning some software, monetizing, merchandising, marketing, promotion, revenue streams.  Meanwhile, still aware of the next pieces in the puzzle…  Keeping up with social media, finding a niche, building a following, and keep producing on a consistent basis.  Basically, running a new small business, doing it all solo, and doing it all for… For what?  Just a whole lotta hats to wear and it took awhile just to get my head around that of which I was staring down the barrel.

Lay on the brakes.  First, I’ve got to produce the product.  Get the hang of my own process of writing, breakdowns, drawing, inking, lettering, coloring, and then blogging…