Shawn grew up in a remote, snowy land, near the shores of Lake Superior.  After high school, he left the wild for the city, held various jobs, went to college, and had many adventures.  During that time, he met and married his dream girl and they had children.

Shawn and his family and their mean-looking, but good-natured, dog have since packed up, sold their plot in Suburbia, and now reside in an idyllic setting near a trout stream, not terribly far from where he spent his youth.

In addition to his sundry part-time jobs during college, Shawn took his first steps into commercial art. He sidetracked for a number of years into the hornets nest of offices and startups, only to eventually return to the serenity of his studio, where he has been fortunate enough to work on various comic book titles for Marvel Entertainment, DC Comics (Warner Bros), and WildStorm Productions.

He currently spends most of his time chronicling the exploits of a certain pair of unfortunate misanthropic criminals.