Quintus & Argyle in “NO SIGNAL”

Fresh off a job-gone-wrong two hitmen are sent to lay low in the remote Northwoods while taking care of one simple task.


QnA-promo1-launch-colorNews and Media outlets nationwide say of nothing in particular, “It’s totally within reason…”

“…cigarettes… boredom… cursing and swearing… violence”  and “…wanted to like it…”-The Twice-Baked Catalog Lunch Club

“My life has been undeniably without change since reading it…” -David Bolke, Migrant Worker

“A rollicking ride, particularly indicative of nothing…”  -Fayden Früumvue, Hardly Worth Quoting

“It made me want to run out and buy a gun…”  -J.D. Vlahos, author of Punching the Apron

“Ruff (sic)…”  -Smurple Steve

I’ve never read anything quite like it anywhere else on this site!”  -The Roaring Stoned

“Hollywood…beware…not to…disregard this piece of…work…”  -Ron Woicherhoskeranski, The Willage Woice Review

And the New Wark Thames says “…it’s Super-whack!


The previous testimonials are purely fictitious and may or may not be straight-up garbage.  Any weight or significance given to the individuals quoted is inferred by the reader and his or her inability to discern weight or significance of fictitious individuals (and/or their quotes) and in no way reflects on the daily habits of the author whose tenuous grasp on such fictions bears little or no resemblance to reality and is purely coincidental.  Any message redundancies found herein are brought to you by and forthwith and herevermoreto under the sole discrepancies of the never aforementioned Dept. of Redundancy Dept. which brought you this message.


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